Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Best Books of Spring 2020

Tea and Biscuits is a weekly meme post where there is talk of topics ranging from blogging to read and anything in between.

Today I would like to talk about the best books of the season, now that summer is soon here with May blooming I wanted to do a recap of my favorite reads since Mid February. Now this won’t be a big list. March and April months were some of the worst reading months I have had in years. As someone who battles depression and anxiety on a regular basis, all the stress of the shutdowns, freedoms taken away and worry over the parents who are high risk  and not even able to go to church (which is my soothing balm through the worst of my anxiety moments) lets just say my levels of anxiety, stress and panic attacks have been raised. So unfortunately my reading has been a struggle. But I want to go over some of my favorites that have kept me afloat.

This was one incredible book and I have no idea why I took so long to pick it up. I read the first book YEARS ago when it was first published and for some reason didn’t continue the series but now thankfully I am fixing that error. Already have book three on my kindle waiting for me to read. This book was EPIC and beautiful in so many ways.

So much ADVENTURE in this book and I loved every moment. Especially a hero who has WINGS ….I have never seen that before in SCI FI romance so it was such a delight.

WHEW….this book. Laura Thalassa is one of my ALL time favorite authors and one of the best self pub authors in the business. I respect her so much because she really takes the effort into getting her books well edited and beautiful cover designs. Many authors could learn from her example. And her books are just so addictive. I adored War, and can’t wait for the next book. It can’t come out fast enough.

This book really surprised me in how much I really loved this one. I wasn’t expecting to love the heroine like I did. These two made such a beautiful pair.

This whole trilogy was amazing and it was this trilogy that sparked my reading to new life and I adored every single moment.

I simply had a blast with this book and it was so DELICIOUS….worth the wait on it.