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There are quite a few authors out there that I have grown to love and in fact its a quite long long list considering how much I have read over the years since I fell in love with books and shortly after romance novels. But its not a huge list of authors that are my auto buy authors. These authors I have so much love for that I will automatically buy their books no matter what it is about because I know that it will rock. Here are the authors I consider to be put on my auto buy list

Connie Mason

This is a author that you don’t see as much anymore, but I have bought everything she has ever written. I just love her writing and she just writes some fabulous alpha males and her focus is historical romance. She has been writing for quite some time now, and has written in a huge variety of settings and time periods so there is quite a bit you can choose from. Some of my favorites are her viking and pirate themed romances. But she has also written some fun westerns and medievals as well.

Johanna Lindsey

I cannot express how much I love this author. She was one of the first authors I fell in love with and I buy and read everything she has published.  She writes real authentic historical romance and she has some entertaining books. Her most latest series “Malory Anderson Family” is so very amusing and full of adventure and a lively family you can’t go wrong with. Her backlisted books aren’t for everyone. I love them, but they are very realistic to the time periods and aren’t sugar coated so they won’t be what everyone would like. But her more recent books I think are what most romance readers would enjoy. Definitely an author you can easily get lost in the worlds she creates.

Lisa Kleypas

So so much love for this talented author. She is more well known for her historical romances….although I do have a love for her contemporary romance as well. But her historical’s are simply fantastic and so well written. I love her wit, engaging plots and heartwarming characters. She has the talent to make you fall in love with characters you are on the shelf about and then changes your mind in such a fantastic way. Many of her books are some of my top favorites. Her writing is such pure talent and I really admire the way that she writes romance. She is one of those authors I just buy, I don’t even look at the blurb because I know I will fall in love with it.

Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan is a well known paranormal author and I first fell for her work with Dark Challenge. Which is part of her vampire series. But she has quite a few other series that deal with paranormal elements and I just love her writing so much. Its very easy to read so you just know that you won’t struggle with getting into them. I do like the way she writes romance. It can be very intense and dramatic and she is wonderful in writing world building as well. And if you are new to her, there is much to choose from and if you like PNR this is an author to love.

Katy Evans

I recently fell in love with Katy Evans but every book I have read from her has been fabulous and she has quickly turned into an auto buy author for me. I first fell in love with her more recent duo release Mr President and Commander in Chief. And I was blown away by that book. The romance was great but its the characters that really won me over. And I just can’t stop reading this author, she is just wonderful. I love the messages she portrays in her books.

Mary Wine

Oh this wonderful lady I have so much admiration for and she knows her stuff. She has a deep love for the medieval era. So she definitely knows how to write the culture in which her books are a part of. Mary Wine is simply fantastic and every time I pick her up I know I am going to love her. She writes just wonderful highlander romances. And even though I haven’t managed to get to every one of her books, I own quite a few of her works. She has become one of those authors I just have to buy once her books come out.

Grace Draven

I fell in love with this author a couple years ago and she is so wonderful and she writes fantasy romance so well. What I like about her writing is how unique her books are. Her writing is very engaging and her books you get quickly drawn into. She also has a talent for writing “unconventional” romances. The couples she writes fit just perfectly and I love the unique style of her style. She is pretty wonderful and one I would highly recommend

Nalini Singh

She is one of those rare authors that can go from different genres and writes amazing works!! I have loved everything she has written and I just can’t get enough of her. Her characters are so entertaining to read and she really delivers solid stories. She has been an auto buy author for me for quite some time, ever since I picked up Slave to Sensation. I love the way she writes and she will always be my go to author in whatever genre she writes in.


18 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Auto Buy Authors

  1. I got a big burst of happiness just at the thought of ‘autobuy authors’. I share Nalini Singh with you, but I also started thinking through my own list. I get so excited each time these folks release a book or I can find the time to read from their backlist

    I have so many and find a few more each year it seems.

  2. I actually don’t have many autobuy authors, but I do have auto read authors! Authors whose books I will read no matter what! But since I work in a library, I almost never buy all the books by certain authors. I do love to own books that I will read over and over again.

  3. The one author who is on my auto-buy/auto-read list from yours is Lisa Kleypas. I will read ANYTHING that this woman writes. Lauren Layne is also on that list, and Tessa Dare and Emma Chase. My roommate just started reading Nalini Singh, so I think I’ll borrow some of her books! I’ve heard good things about her and her romances. 🙂

    1. I so agree …Lisa Kleypas is simply fantastic. And I love how fresh her writing feels even after all these years of reading her. I do love Emma Chase. I do recommend you try out Nalini Singh. She is so wonderful so borrow from your roomie because you might just find a new favorite.

  4. I should be ashamed of myself, I have not tried one of your authors even though I have long wanted to read Kleypas, Singh and Feehan. Sigh… one of these days.

    1. oh really??? All three of those are fabulous authors that you would really love reading especially Kleypas and Singh are right down your alley and you might get hooked on HR if you aren’t careful hehe

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