Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: What is so sexy about Pirate or Nautical themes in romance?

The first romance I got hooked on was a pirate romance….yep I got hooked on a pirate themed romance. Of course that books, was more YA, but was published by Avon. So it definitely had that romance novel feel to it, plus you have the romance and the adventure on the high seas!! What is not to love right. This is the book that got me hooked not only on romance novels, but pirate romances as a trope too. But why is it so compelling? why is it romantic? and why can’t I get enough of it?

Well I think in many ways, Pirate romances have many elements that draw us as readers. Now this can mean Pirates, or Privateers, merchant ships, military ships or just romance on the seas. I think the nautical setting, is perfect for a love story. It portrays that feeling of adventure and passion. Now I have had the opportunity to read quite a few with the nautical theme and I can never get enough. And there is so much that an author can do with this.

What can be most fun, is how if you are reading a pirate or nautical themed romance, you never know where you will end up in the story. Because you are in a sense traveling, and there are so many exotic places the story can lead you to. One that is very exhiliarating as a reader, and adds that sense of adventure and fun to the story that normally wouldn’t be there, if the story were to take place in one setting or locale. It is so fun to end up on a island, its private, exotic and full of mystery. Really adds more depth to a romance and a great setting for those sensual moments we look forward to when reading romance.

Also I love seeing those pirate characters just come to life in these stories. Most of the time they are men, however there are some that are women (and that is most fun). But each scenario is unique and adds some flair and drama that can be an enticing spice to a love story. Each story is different, because there is much a author can do with this setting. But what I love the most is when the hero is a pirate and meets his match whether the heroine is a stowaway, or was kidnapped for ransom and any other cirucmstance and he gets brought down a peg or two. This can cause quite some lively entertainment for the reader.

My Personal Favorites and why! 

The Pirate lordThe Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries- Now why is this at the top of my list? Well I will tell you, because one Jeffries is amazing. hehe okay honestly, she did a tremendous job with this book. Its one of those books you can re read over and over and never get bored with. Our Pirate is Gideon, and he is your typical pirate. Arrogant, commanding and alpha. But he has a secret. He finds an island for him and his men. He wants to create a paradise, but what is paradise without wives for his men right? So they commandeer a ship carrying women that are to be indentured servants. This is where he gets high handed. But there is one slight problem. Our heroine, is a Aristocrat, helping with the women. She is a bit of a bluestocking and do gooder. But she is passionate and has a temper. So these two go at it, trying to come to compromise for the women. This story is so fantastic because it has a romance that sizzles, full of adventure, and ends up being a sweet love story.


The Pirate Prince

The Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley. This is a romance that I haven’t read in years, but I do plan on re reading it this next year, so I am excited.
But it basically this is a mix of pirate and royalty romance. The two main characters come to a agreement, and they sail off together. But their relationship gets tested in various ways. There are many facets to this story and I love what Foley did with this book. We have a brooding hero and a strong willed heroine—so this brings out some unique interactions.


Gentle RogueGentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey– Now I am pretty sure this was my first time reading Lindsey and I got hooked on her with this one. This is what got me addicted to the Malory family. Quite frankly, our hero, James Mallory is the most unique of the family. He is a pirate, but also a English Lord. The heroine, is American and feisty and stows on his ship dressed as a boy. And James wasn’t born yesterday, and figures out pretty quickly what she is. So he plays games with her and he is a hoot!! I mean serious his character is quite outrageous at times. Heck he almost gets himself killed, by her brothers just so he can marry her. He goes to great lengths to keep her. And the crew on James ship is quite fun including his son. (who turns out to be just the scoundrel his father is).


Questions For My Readers: 

Have you read a Pirate themed romance? Did you like it and why? 

What do you enjoy most about pirate romances? 

What are some of your favorite titles with this theme? 

5 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: What is so sexy about Pirate or Nautical themes in romance?

  1. I haven’t read too many pirate themed romances, but I must admit, I am intrigued by them. I think because of the sense of adventure and being on the wild seas and of course hanging out with bad boys. Perhaps it is because of Johnny Depp.

  2. I do like romances during the age of sail whether its pirates, privateers, merchants, or Navy. The adventure, the force of nature, the caliber or courage sailors have, and of course the raw independence and danger. I like a few Carla Kellys that are about Naval heroes and the Shana Galen pirate in her trilogy, but the two modern pirate Bella Jewel stories were pretty good, too.

  3. I don’t read many pirate themed books but I have read and enjoyed The Pirate Lord. I loved how Gideon and Sara each try to get the upper hand which lead so some humorous confrontations. There was a great cast of secondary characters as well.

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