Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: Christian Romance Yay or Nay?

firestormNow I know that they aren’t as popular as they used to be but there is something to be said for these type of romances. They are put in the category as “clean romance” now to be honest I do not like that phrase much. because it infers that regular romance is bad or evil or dirty!!! In my mind sex is not bad or evil or dirty. I grew up in a very strong “mormon” community, as the way they treat sex or intimacy is pretty horrible. I guess you could say that reading romance novels was my sex education hehe because there was none in my family or community at all—its pretty much ignored until you get married and they wish you good luck on figuring it all out!! But there is something quite wonderful about christian themed romances or those light sexual reads. I read quite a few of these in my teenage years before I discovered the adult romance novels. Jeanette Oak was one of my first and many of those WWI and WWII themed series were very light in the sex department. You really don’t see much more than kissing and cuddling which is alright. I normally have to be in the mood for those type of books though. But they offer some real deep insights in the emotional side of a romantic relationship. And boy can they just be phenomenal in moments. But there are some regular romance authors out there that don’t get too detailed when it comes to the bedroom scenes. One of my favorite authors writes her book like this…Lynn Kurland. Now I discovered her pretty early, right around the time I fell in love with romance actually. And I haven’t read her lately so I don’t know how her books are now. But many of her backlisted books have no much detail other than kissing and things. But that doesn’t mean you don’t feel heat or sensuality in her books. Quite the opposite actually, but it’s the type of books you can feel like at home with. And boy they can be so hilarious, and yet deeply emotional and definite tear jerkers!! Now if you are religious, than these christian themed romances can be quite fun to read. I always liked reading LDS fiction, because the characters felt so real…average day human beings just trying to live a good simple life, facing struggled and overcoming them and improving themselves and falling in love along the way. I have always been intrigued by those Amish love stories that have become quite popular lately. And I do like those fun anthologies that used to be so popular but books you can feel comfortable reading to your kids if you’ve a mind to. These type of books are more lighthearted and sweet toned books, and can easily bring a smile to your face even if you aren’t religious at all. I have always become intrigued by these books and even though I read them so rarely now—they can create a unique experience of reading. So my question for you all: is what do you think of these type of books? Are Christian romances for you ? If not, I want to know why you don’t like them either. Or are you like me, where you have to be in the right mood to pick them up?