Tea and Biscuits: Best Father In and Out of Fiction

I wanted to talk about Fathers today and why I love them so much and why I love seeing a good father in a romance!!! I know not everyone has a solid loving father, but I was lucky to be born with good parents. My father especially I have been very close to. I am a daddy’s girl for sure, and not ashamed. He has been a solid rock for me. Even though he is far from perfect and has really been struggling the past few years with depression and everything, he still is my rockstar. He has had to give up his own dreams, to be able to provide for his family. He has sacrificed quite a bit for us and I am so grateful I have a father that is like that and love me uncondtionally. I am alike him in so many ways. He is a big reader  (like me) and he even got me hooked on romance—not adult romance, more christian romance, be he helped open a world of books for me. And he is a very fast reader, so its because of those good genes, that I can read so fast. (can you believe I used to read three books a day?) Now I run a busy blog, so I don’t have that kind of time. But I also have a love of many other things because of him. Long walks, Hiking, Traveling, History, Road Trips, Star Trek and Star Wars, a Romantic Heart, A Spiritual mind, Being honest and true, Family History Work, and even cooking. (Yes My father loves to cook, and normally does most of our holiday meals) and is addicted to Football and got me hooked as well. There is so much I love about my father, and I have missed him so much since I moved. (In the picture, Top Left-outside a restuaraunt on his birthday, Top Right-At my sisters wedding and shows his goofy side a bit, Bottom Left, Myself, My parents enjoying a nice sunday evening, and Bottom Right-At a BYU football Game- one of our favorite pasttimes, my hair is a complete mess, it was quite cold and windy that night)

So tell me about your Fathers in your life and what has made them an inspiration to you?


Best Fathers To See in Romance

Now This isn’t a full comprehensive list just a few of my top favorites I love to see!!!

Petals on the River by Kathleen Woodiwiss

Our hero makes such a cute father, I love how close he and his son are to each other. He goes out of his way to spend as much time with him as possible. Love that.

High Country Bride by Linda Lael Miller

this father now, he is a bit different but still love him the same. This father wants grandchildren, and wants to see his sons happy and married. But they are too stubborn, so comes up with a crazy plan that really works out in the end. But I do love seeing his relationship with his boys and its obvious how much he really loves them.

A Loving Scoundrel by Johanna Lindsey

James Malory, may be a ex pirate and Lord, and scoundrel and rake, and not normal, but he makes one of the best father’s around. He stands by his son, no matter what. I love how supportive he is when Jeremy finds his mate.

In Bed With A Highlander by Maya Banks

The relationship that Ewan has with his son, is darling and they are so alike in many ways. I hope my future hubby will be like that with our kids, because there is nothing sexier than a good father.

My Favorite Bride by Christina Dodd

This military man has his hands full, despite his work for the war office, he also has seven young girls to take care of. He does try his best, but MILITARY MAN!! That should say it all. He has no clue what he is really doing to be honest, but he does try as hard as he possibly can.

Love’s Sweet Revenge

There is something so unique About our Hero Jake. And especially I am in love not only with how he is with his wife, but especially his kids. You see how close they are, and even though Jake has a colorful past, he would do anything to keep his children safe and happy. And we see especially in this book, how it breaks him when his kids get hurt and he can’t fix it for them.

Questions For My Readers

What are your fond memories of your fathers in your life?

What are your favorite kind of dads to read in romance? Main or supporting character?