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First off ….hope you all had a wonderful time with your fathers on Father’s Day last Sunday. Its interesting how underappreciated the men in our lives are especially in society’s standards. So grateful to have had such a strong honest man for a father. This week in the news is crazy, saddens me to see the lack of perspective people have, knowledge of history or even how we are treating each other and how divided we are becoming. We are so blessed to live in a time such as this, we live a life of luxury in many respects and I hate seeing so many lacking knowledge and seeing the good in their lives. I hope this will change, and that we will find something that will unify us again.

Work has been pretty crazy…and working these ten-hour shifts have been wearing on me and been too tired to read much. Hopefully, it will die down soon so that I can relax and get more energy in and quite frankly everything going on is not helping my anxiety at all, but trying to remain positive and see the blessings in life despite the bad I am seeing.

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