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Sunday Post (39) Reading Enthrallment

by | Sep 12, 2021 | Sunday Post | 11 comments

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.  See rules here: Sunday Post Meme 


This week has been a crazy reading week!! I can’t believe how much reading I have been able to do this week. Like crazy tons, two days in a row I read five books each day and I don’t think I have ever read that books so quickly. But I had a reading fever so what do you do? haha But it’s good because I am behind on my GR reading challenge, so this does help me catch up. I just love it when I pick up those quick-paced page-turners that keep you so thrilled to be reading. But also took some time taking a look back at 9/11 and I ache for the time when our country was truly united where politics, gender, race, religion didn’t matter, we truly came together as American’s and let go of our differences. I hope that we can learn from this and truly come together again.

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Currently Reading

I have been meaning to return to this series here and I have been neglecting the paranormal genre of late so working on getting back into it with this one here and excited to delve into it.

Currently Listening

I have been wanting to get back to this series so badly and finally returning to it here. I just love the voice and storytelling abilities of this author. Eager to see what she brings to the table with this book.

Up Next For Reading

New Additions at Addicted to Romance

Lusting For Covers

I really love the gothic like theme to this cover with the roarin’ twenties vibe it has going on. I do need to read these books.

Stepback Sunday

I am loving this step back here, I love the medieval-themed clothing, and the garden of roses, and the moonlight shining down, such a perfect setting.

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  1. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    You read five books in a day??? Wow. I can’t even imagine. In comparison, I usually read one book in five days. LOL Hope you have a good week, Renee!

  2. Sam@WLABB

    Wow! Five books a day is crazy. I think the only time I read 5 books in one day was when I reading those children’s board books to my kid. LOL. Don’t hold your breath for any US unity. With the current state of politics and people in charge having their agenda, it will never happen.

  3. Jamie @ The Fantasy Princess

    I cannot image reading that many books in a day. It takes me weeks usually to read one book! 🙂 That is awesome though!

  4. Sophia Rose

    Wowsers, you did go on a bit of a reading binder. 😉 Glad it was a lot of fun and looks like you had some pretty good ones to keep you busy. President Bush’s speech yesterday was on point with what you are expressing here about 9-11.

    Have a good week, Renee!

  5. Samantha

    Yay for getting so many books read!! Audiobooks during my commute have saved my GR challenge this year. Otherwise, it would be BAD!

  6. Ann Lorz

    You had a great week. I’m holding the Lynsay Sands for a bit. I have a few other books I’m going to read before it. Enjoy your week.

  7. Mary Kirkland

    And here I’m amazed if I read 1 book a day. You did great!

  8. Greg

    Five books each say- that’s awesome! My reading has been down, sadly. I agree with you about the national unity. If only…

    Have a good week!

  9. Jen

    blinks What – five books in a day? I can’t even read one book in five days! LOL. Glad you are enjoying reading so much.

  10. Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

    I was thrilled to have read five books last week!

    Wishing you another great reading week

  11. Sophie

    Five books a day??????????


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