Sunday Post (33) Laughs of Wall Street

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I have to say that politics has been so serious over the past few years and we have almost forgotten to find the humor in life and situations but this past week in the news CRACKED ME UP!! I found it hilarious what happened on Wall Street this week and it made me realize that I need to find humor more because seeing all the serious and depressing news cycle really wears on one and just leaves you exhausted and I found such a balm in being able to learn to laugh at these situations. Because our culture is becoming such a hate filled environment and I need that pick me up LOL Which is why romance has been lifesaver because I need that escapism.

My reading has been kinda weird this week ….I pretty much just binged on Cora Reilly and I have no idea how I got sucked into the whole of reading her books but I loved it. And I can’t believe that we have reached the end of the month already ….WHEW!! It felt like longer than a month normally last and I was down for it.

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I discovered this series through Jenn @ The Book Refuge and I really trust her recs and I can’t wait to try this out here. Its basically a paranormal with a more grittier feel to it. Where vampires and shifters are top of the food chain and humans don’t have rights. And I just hear so many good things from multiple of book tubers so *crossing fingers*

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I have become more in a PNR mood this week so eager to try this one out here. And I have been meaning to get back to this author more.

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