Sunday Post (27) We Got Some Snow

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So COVID Update: As many of you know I got Covid about two weeks ago and I am definitely feeling healthy again and I finally have an appetite, I don’t have to force myself to eat. My family is on the mend as well, except for my mom. She did have some issues and had to watch her oxygen levels but is getting better as well. I wasn’t really worried about myself since I am young and healthy, it was just annoying and a hassle especially financially… but I go back to work tomorrow —YAY!! I am so thrilled y’all. Yesterday we received some SNOW and I am all for it. Its been super cold lately, but we get snow and it felt so much warmer and here in Utah when it snows it does warm up to about 40 degrees and there is a change in air pressure and I don’t know how to explain it but its actually soothing to walk out in it.

My reading is slowly getting better. I think I am adjusting more to what 2020 has brought us and I am hopeful that 2021 will be a much better reading year for me. This week I did get some good books read and heads up my end of year posts and the Romance Choice Awards will be be posting soon—so hope you enjoy the fun posts I have planned for you all. End of year is so reflecting and joyous at times because it helps you appreciate the positive things the year has brought—even 2020! I am debating if I want to join some reading challenges in 2021 or if I want to pass. I am not sure if Romanceopoly will be continuing –if it does I probably will continue with that because I have had so much fun with that but we shall see what updates we get in the coming weeks.

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This is a book I just started, like I am still on the first couple pages but it seems like it will be a fun and lively read. And I adore Kerrelyn Sparks.

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I am in LOVE with this book here…..all the characters are so funny and love the humor and the plot is so fascinating. And this Italian hero is dreamy.

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So tell me…how has your week been? Have you gotten any snow? Are you getting ready for the season? Hope you are all well and healthy?

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