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So this past week was pretty uneventful. Work has slowed down a bit and I did get some reading done. My studies are going well, getting into studying Ancient Hebrew and boy is it FASCINATING!! I just love delving more into it every day. Since I live in Utah, our fall colors here are so gorgeous, although we did have a mountain fire pretty close to me, which put many ppl frustrated LOL With the restrictions, I swear most of the town is chillin in the mountains and when they can’t be in the mountains-not happy peeps I can tell you that. I find it hilarious but its understandable. This year has brought on so much dispair and frustration and exhaustion from it all. We just need a sense of normalcy. Hope you all are well and thriving as best you can. So another note ALL HOLLOWS EVE is coming up….any fun plans? I don’t really do much, except make homemade chili and bread and watch Blackbeards Ghost and Something Wicked This Way Comes—a bit of a family tradition.

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Has anyone read this one here? I am LOVING IT!! And I really like that the heroine has Middle Eastern heritage, so neat.

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I really have no clue this week, I am such a mood reader and nothing is really interesting me currently to read next. What are some of your favorites lately?

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