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This week was overall a good week…..I was working more and then of course I watched the RNC which felt so different from last week with the DNC….and I loved it. There was such optimism, relatable stories shared, and real heartfelt emotion that was portrayed. Most of the speakers were just normal citizens sharing their stories and I just related with it so much more.  And of course Melania gave a beautiful speech that was felt by many. I loved her perspective of being an immigrant and growing up with communism and coming to America and making her dreams come true, such a woman of class and grace and her speech was one of love and unity and being more kind–those type of words are what we need to hear more and apply to how we treat others especially with the rise in violence and hate we have seen in recent months.

This past week in my reading suffered, I was doing family stuff and just relaxing more and enjoying the convention but I did get back into adult coloring and I think I have made a decision to get more involved in my faith and get into apologetics. So my plan is to slow down my reading to three romance books a week and read a non fiction and start balancing out all aspects of my life.

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I have been in the mood for a gritty romance read and that is definitely Chantal Fernando and I need a good alpha male.

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Lusting For Covers

I just adore this cover so much ….I love the stark contrast of colors here and the violin is such a great touch.

Stepback Featurette

I just love this civil war trilogy of Heather GRaham…and this scene is so adorable and I love the bison LOL we need more bison in romance covers

So tell me….how has your week been? Any new updates? any good books read? Let me know in the comments below!