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This week has been full of positives and negatives for me. The first is I learned this week that my brother got COVID. So the situation is he lives with my folks and well they are high risk. So they are taking all the precautions they can, but I worry for them. My brother is doing alright, his symptoms are light so that is a blessing, I am just hoping my parents stay healthy and come out in the clear next week. But its even worse because my sister and her family came here to do a visit and this all happened so she can’t even see them even though that was the main reason for them traveling from Kansas to Utah. We are doing a drive by together, did it yesterday which was fun. Basically my parents sit in the garage and we sit on our trunks and stay the proper distance and just chat. Its better than nothing but its still difficult especially for my parents who feel so helpless through all of this.

I did do a buddy read on Outlaw Hearts this past week (well I finished the book Monda and she is still reading it —its long though at almost 600 pages) but she is LOVING it so far. So it looks like I give out decent recommendations. But its a realism book, so deal with tough adversity and conflict and the author does no sugar coating but the romance is beautiful. And yeah then I had to re read books 2 and 3 because its Jake and Randy and I can’t resist LOL

I did discover a whole list through a twitter chat yesterday of romance book tubers!! So here is the link to that—many of them have such small channels and I have been looking for romance tubers to watch more so that was a highlight of my day as well! Check it out HERE and lets show these ppl some love.

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