Romanceopoly Reading Challenge for 2020

Welcome everyone to another NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all have had a great beginning to one. So I wanted to share that I will be only participating in one challenge this year, other than the Goodreads reading challenge , and that is Romanceopoly. Now I will admit that I truly failed at it in 2019!! And really my reading levels were half of what they normally are …life just got in the way. But things have calmed down so I am going to try to make it a success for this upcoming year here. And I am pretty excited actually. I made a whole physical board, and have ALL of my cards fill out and already have started playing.

i have already  read a book for it and I am really impressed with what these ladies have done with the new boards this year including having a light skinned and dark skinned lady.  I will be tracking it through LibraryThing and on my iPad through a digital tracker board …if you would like to see the books I have chosen here is a link to my librarything bookshelf…..Here

And here is my tracker board ( if you want to know how I place in the book covers…let me know, it’s really easy if you have a iPad )


so I am curious what challenges are you participating in this year???!!!Let me know in the comments below!!