Quote Tastic (42) Not an Audition

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My Candidate For The Week


Sugar DaddyGage didn’t tell me about what you’d done, even though he had the perfect opportunity. Because he wouldn’t let you drive a wedge between us. He forgave me without being asked, without even letting me know I’d betrayed him. That’s love, Hardy.
“Be happy, honey. No one deserves it more. But don’t forget…I’m keeping one little piece of your heart for myself. And if you ever want it back…you know where to find it.”
“All right, but just so you know, I usually take too long–“
“I don’t care if it takes all damn night. It’s not an audition.”
“What if I can’t manage to…” For the first time I realized how much harder it is to talk about sex than actually doing it.
“We’ll work at it,” Gage said. “Believe me, I’ll have no problem helping you practice.”
“What’s the other rule?”
“I’m in charge.” 
“Trust me to decide when and where and how long. You don’t have to do anything except relax. Let go. Let me take care of you.” His mouth lowered to my ear, and he whispered, “Can you do that for me, darlin’?”