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Quickie Book Review-Scotsman Of My Dreams

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Book Reviews | 4 comments

Quickie Book Review-Scotsman Of My Dreams

Quickie Book Review-Scotsman Of My DreamsScotsman of My Dreams (MacIain, #2) by Karen Ranney
Also in this series: In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams (MacIain, #1)
Series: MacIain, #2
Published by Avon on August 25th 2015
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era, Civil War Era, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Avon
ISBN: 0062337513
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In New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney's second novel in her breathtaking series, an unconventional woman and a former scoundrel embark on a daring mission of desire
Once the ton's most notorious rake, Dalton MacIain has returned from his expedition to America during the Civil War— wounded and a changed man. Instead of returning to his old haunts, he now spends his time at home. But Dalton's peace is disturbed when Minerva Todd barges into his London townhouse, insisting he help search for her missing brother Neville. Though Dalton would love to spend more time with the bewitching beauty, he has no interest in finding Neville, whom he blames for his injury.
Minerva has never met a more infuriating man than the Earl of Rathsmere, yet she is intrigued by the torrid rumors she has heard about him . . . and the fierce attraction pulling her toward him.
Dalton does not count on Minerva's persistence, or the desire she awakens in him, compelling him to discover her brother's fate. But when danger surrounds them, Dalton fears he will lose the tantalizing, thoroughly unpredictable woman he has come to love.

My Review

Scotsman of My Dreams was a charming and sweet romance with a sparkle of angst in here. I have really enjoyed what Karen Ranney has done with her books, and Scotsman of My Dreams was no different. I honestly don’t know how to express what this story did for me. Now there were times I was in and out of the story (but I have been dead tired all day, so that might have something to do with it). It begins with out heroine searching for her missing brother, and so she goes in search of the one man that should know where he is at. Only the infamous rake who went to the America’s to help fight in their Civil War has returned scarred and blind. Needless to say both Dalton and Minerva have a difference of opinions on this subject, because Dalton believes its Minerva’s brother that caused his injury, so he isn’t all that eager to aid the man that shot him, however, he is fascinated by Minerva. Minerva isn’t your average lady, she lives her own life, has had a lover, wears breeches when the need strikes her, goes in search of old objects. Hates balls and parties or even dressing up, she prefers dressing down. Dalton technically is Scottish, but has spent much of his life in England so he comes off as more of a London rake who has gone through some rough patches. Despite his torrid past, he is a character that you just reach out for, because he is emotionally traumatized and you don’t see the rogue in him much despite the “rumors”. The banter between these two is quite energetic and they definitely have some sparks flying between them.

“I can’t kiss you.”

“Just a taste of passion,” he said

“Absolutely not.”

“I have needs,” he said with a smile

“As if that’s my concern.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Of course not. I just don’t want to kiss you.”

“Not at all?”

“Not one little bit. Not an iota.”

“You’re fibbing, Minerva”

“I’m not.”

He lowered his head, brushed his lips over her heated cheek. To his surprise, she didn’t move away. Slowly he traced a path to her lips, breathing against them before placing his mouth on hers. A kiss should be an appetizer. A kiss was a prelude, strings being tuned in an orchestra pit, dawn on an important day. A kiss was not a feast. A kiss was not an explosion of the senses. but this one was.

What was most interesting about this one, was the hint of danger you sense from the very start of the story and it builds and builds gradually until the end. It also doesn’t detract from the romance, it tends to even out in the end. Quite a lovely romance that had spark and flare and I had quite a time seeing these characters come alive off the pages. SIMPLY FANTASTIC!!

Series Order

In Your Wildest Dreams (1)

The Scotsman of My Dreams (2)

An American In Scotland (3) 

About Karen Ranney

I’m a writer who’s been privileged to have attained the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists.

Although I've primarily written historical romance, I've also written contemporary romantic suspense, a murder mystery, and I'm having a wonderful time writing about a vampire who is being challenged by her new state of being. (The Montgomery Chronicles: The Fertile Vampire and The Reluctant Goddess coming March 12, 2015.)

I believe in the power of the individual, the magnificence of the human spirit, and always looking for the positive in any situation. I write about people who have been challenged by life itself but who win in the end.

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  1. LilyElement

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read a historical romance, sounds like this one was enjoyable though 🙂

  2. Quinn's Book Nook

    I’ve never read Karen Ranney before, but I’m glad you really liked this one. Sometimes I just love when romances have a suspense angle.

  3. Bambi Unbridled

    I just loved Duncan in this story. I felt like she did the imagery well with Duncan’s blindness and what he was experiencing, feeling, etc. It created a great emotional connection for me.


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