Movie Review-Fifty Shades Darker

I was pretty excited to get a chance to see this one over the weekend. I liked how they handled the first movie, in fact its one of those rare moments where I enjoyed the movie more than the book. *gasp* I know…I know a shocker, but that is how I feel about the books. They are enjoyable, of course I do like books 2 and 3 way more than book one. But I think what makes this series so compelling for so many is the characters and the complexities that happen. Now for this movie I splurged. In Utah they really only have cinemark theatres. But here in Dallas, wow it is different. AMC is the most popular and I didn’t know what I was expecting. But its full bar (which is so weird to me because that is something you would never ever see where I am from), recliner seats and boy did I love that. But it was hilarious because about ten minutes in, there was a electric surge and the screen blacked out for quite some time. Thankfully they restarted the movie. I wasn’t that upset because I had my kindle with me hehe and is it just me or do I wish people would learn to turn off their phones in a theatre? There was this gal next to me and she had her phone on through the whole thing and I just wanted to grab it from her since it was so distracting. But other than that, the experience was great since I did the whole dolby surround sound and all. In Darker, we see how Christian has lost Ana, and has to fight to win her back. They start on a different path but this path leads them down a road full of danger. There is a ton in the book, so granted the movie doesn’t have everything and since its only two hours long, there will be some disappointments on certain details. But I did love the acting especially from Dakota Johnson. She is simply wonderful. She fits the role so well. I think my only complaint about it was it didn’t feel as edgy as I was expecting especially at the beginning. In the book, there is a feeling of dark edginess and desperation. I didn’t really get that feeling in the beginning. It did get better though as the movie progresses. But I did love seeing more of Christian’s family and seeing the whole “darker side” to this romance. And the villains we see in this movie were so superb!!! These actors did a fabulous job, so I was pretty happy about that.  That its not all hearts and flowers. Of course if you have only seen the movie, I do recommend the book because you will get a deeper glimpse into the characters. But I do feel that most will really enjoy this as I did. And I do like that they filmed movies Darker and Freed back to back so we won’t have to wait as long for the third one.