Movie Review-Beauty and the Beast

I was able to go and see this on Monday Night and I really really loved it!! Of course, I was a bit nervous about watching this one. Even though The Little Mermaid was my personal favorite growing up, as I have gotten older, Beauty and the Beast has become a personal favorite. And I loved the Animated version and since I wasn’t a huge huge fan of the first two retellings that Disney did, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But you know I was delightfully surprised by this one. One of the best movies I have ever seen Disney do. Of course there were some small things I think could have been different. I wasn’t too fond of Mrs. Potts voice at all. And even I liked Lafou for some of the movie, the ending was a bit strange and awkward and made me cringe a bit because it just didn’t seem to fit.

Now what I loved most of course was the romance and the character depth especially of Beast and Belle. Both actors that plays for the Beast and Belle were wonderful. I know not everyone might not be a fan of Emma Watson’s voice but I loved how she played Belle. She was just wonderful and really took in the right mannerisms that Belle had in the animated version even. What makes this more deep than the animated version is seeing the history of Belle and Beast in this version. Seeing their history and the way they discover each other. And I loved all the special moments that builds between them too. I will say that I truly enjoyed most of the scenes and the way they made the sets come to life. I will say that even though the “library” Beast gives to Belle isn’t as majestic as in the animated version, its much more realistic and had a more cozy and homey feel to it. And the supporting characters were so fun, And man the EMOTION people….this movie gives you all the feels!!! I highly recommend bring a box of tissues to the theater because you are going to need them. If you love Beauty and the Beast I highly encourage you to go see this movie NOW!!! I honestly plan on seeing this again in the theater at least one more time maybe I will go for a third time. I loved it that much  and you can bet I will be buying this on Blu Ray for sure!! And now I just want to read all the beauty and beast retellings I can.

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  1. I’m seeing this later today and I’m so happy people are liking it so much. I’m here for all the feels the movie gave you! Ahh can’t wait!!

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