Lusting For Covers (238)

Dear Lady Truelove . . . I have fallen in love, truly and completely in love, for the first time. The man whom I hold in such passionate regard, however, is not of my station. He is a painter, a brilliant artist. Needless to say, my family would not approve . . .

Henry, Duke of Torquil, wouldn’t be caught reading the wildly popular “Dear Lady Truelove” column, but when its advice causes his mother to embark on a scandalous elopement, an outraged Henry decides the author of this tripe must be stopped before she can ruin any more lives. Though Lady Truelove’s identity is a closely guarded secret, Henry has reason to suspect the publisher of the notorious column, beautiful and provoking Irene Deverill, is also its author.

For Irene, it’s easy to advise others to surrender to passion, but when she meets the Duke of Torquil, she soon learns that passion comes at a price. When one impulsive, spur-of-the-moment kiss pulls her into a scorching affair with Henry, it could destroy her beloved newspaper, her career, and her independence. But in the duke’s arms, surrender is so, so sweet

Why I LOVE The Truth About Love and Dukes

This is such a gorgeous cover and match that with a personal favorite author of mine and I can’t resist. The pose, the colors, the sensuality is breathtaking!! Definitely a book I plan on buying to put on my shelves

8 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (238)

  1. That is such a romantic cover! I’m a new fan of her writing so I’ll definitely be checking this book out. 🙂

  2. I love that cover too. I don’t always love covers where the hero or heroine (or both) are partially undressed, but something about this one is so very romantic. I like how he’s holding her, with his arm around her back.

    I still have read this author, but I need to!

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