Lusting For Covers (237)

Rugged highlander Graeme has one thing on his mind—take a stand against the horrible Englishman Lattimer and he will be rewarded with enough money to be set for life. But when his reckless younger brothers take it one step too far and kidnaps a young woman on her way to see Lattimer, Graeme has to intervene. He cannot send the lady back without his kin getting in trouble. And when a damsel this beautiful is dropped into your lap, it’s hard to let her go…

Marjorie should be terrified she’s been captured by highland scoundrels, but it’s hard to live in terror when your captor is a devilishly handsome and sinfully tempting as Graeme is. She cannot stay by his side forever—no matter how her heart may pound at the thought—but Graeme seems to have other plans. This wicked highlander is out to seduce her and doesn’t plan to stop until she’s in his arms…forever…

Why My One True Highlander

I am in love with this cover, and even though I haven’t loved every one of Enoch’s books, she will also be a auto read author for me. But this cover has to be one of the best I have ever seen from her. The cover artist did a fantastic job. I love the colors, the green and red (definitely a christmas feel to it right?) and what a sexy pose. This is one of those books I want to buy because the cover is so pretty.

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