Lusting For Covers (179) Wed To A Highland Warrior


Wed To A Highland WarriorIt has been prophesied that four men, raised as brothers, will bring Scotland back to her rightful glory. Now the final brother is ready to take his place in history . . .

“Trey MacAlpin is my husband.” When Bliss first speaks these words, they are not yet true. But desperate for protection from the false king’s soldiers, she claims the Highlander as her mate. Her powers foretold that her life would intertwine with the four men who protect the identity of the true king—but she never thought it would be like this!

Trey MacAlpin can scarcely believe he has agreed to wed a stranger. But this beautiful lass knows the secret he and his brothers are sworn to keep, making her both valuable . . .and vulnerable. Yet more than necessity binds Trey and Bliss in these dangerous times—for the passionate fire raging in Trey’s heart insists that Bliss is not merely his bride . . . but his destiny.


Why Wed To A Highland Warrior? 

I just adored this book, and I love this cover, one of my favorites. This is a beautiful series and one of the best historical’s I have ever read. Love Fletcher and her books are heartwarming and romantic. I love the cover here, Its so sensual and love the red theme and man oh man is he one gorgeous male specimen…I could look at him all day. I love the winter theme in the background, it all flows nicely together.

7 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (179) Wed To A Highland Warrior

  1. I like the clashing of colours with the red and blue on this cover. The winter theme is well done. I hope it’s as good as it looks!

  2. Yes I totally agree with you the color tone of the book is just so beautiful. And it makes the cover look totally gorgeous, plus the guy on the cover is really eye catching lol. Thank you for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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