Library Loot (82)

This meme is featured to host those library goodies that we receive on our visits to the local library. The library is such a valuable resource and I love having a chance to share all my goodies. My local library, in Provo, is AMAZING. It has the best fiction selection especially in romance. So I always find treats when I visit. and its so easy to find books since they organize their shelves by genre.

I have had a fun time with this author, but she hasn’t written too many books, and this is one of two I haven’t read from her and I love the set up…so interesting. The heroine, is a “courtesan” who is a virgin and puts her virginity up for auction. And our hero is a “Bow Street Runner” searching for those who murdered his sister. So intriguing and pretty cover too 🙂

I have always been a fan of Karen Ranney, and I LOVE her older books. And I am pretty sure I have never read this one, and if I had its probably been 15 years since I picked it up. (which was long before Goodreads existed).

I haven’t had a chance to pick up this series yet and to be honest…its been so long since I read this author. And the set up is so mysterious. The hero is in charge of a heavenly army, and the heroine is forced into an assylum for a crime she didn’t commit and her life is in danger by demons. Gives me shivers just thinking about the plot. 🙂

I have read this one before, but I love this series, and I have been itching to re read this book for quite some time now. I just adore Mercy and Riley, and their chemistry is fabulous.

This is probably one of the largest books I have ever attempted to read. Its 760 pages…yep its a long one for sure. But I have been wanting to try this author out for quite a while, and this is a Robin Hood and Lady Marian retelling. Should be a fun one.

This is a Alexander the Great retelling which involves a love story and a HEA that follows over three books. This is book one, the hero is a conqueror and the heroine, is kick ass and has a leopard as a pet. I can’t wait to delve deep into this one here.

I haven’t read this author before, but I love a good CR western, and the teaser in this book sounds delicious. The hero is a famous bull rider and the heroine is a vet who wears glasses and catches the eye of this famous bull rider. I can’t wait. Have you read this author? What do you think of her?

Its been quite some time since I have read this author, actually a LONG while since her bride quartet series. But these books sound so intriguing and I love the PNR elements in it. Curious to see where Roberts takes this series.

I can never resist a Mary Wine novel and this one sounds so fun!! I love these Scot and Sassenach blends in a couple. They work so well.

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