I am Back to Blogging!!

Wow….this week has been so crazy for me!!! Moving to another state and a big city at that is way more stressful that you can imagine especially if you are doing it by yourself. Well I am living in Dallas, and even though it hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked, I am starting to figure out things and what I want to do. First off my new place is NOT as nice as they portrayed online, and I live in a ghetto part of Dallas, and boy am I moving soon as soon as I can break my lease. But I knew that this might happen especially since I don’t know the area at all. Second, my employer is not good at all. He is okay but is unwilling to work with my availability so I can have a second job and do volunteer work to help build my career.  So yeah looking for another full time job as we speak!!! I haven’t had internet or cable for a whole week and is driving me nuts but thankfully, I just got service and now I have it. And boy I have missed my blog so very much and all of you and I want to thank you for taking the time to comment even though I haven’t been around and I will get back to you I promise, just got to get caught up on some reviews. I apologize for the ranting and any of you that are DFW residents, I would love to meet up for lunch or browse some book shops!!! Love you all and thank you for your patience.