I Am Back and News Update

I have returned from taking my break and so glad to be finally back!!! I can’t believe how much I missed blogging and have missed interacting with so many of you!!! But I am relieved that I was able to take a break, and get finished with my program. I finished all of my projects and got a 91% on my final exam!! YIPPEE!! Its such a relief to be finally done. My next plan this week is to start looking for a job in  Dallas working in the wedding industry somewhere. Hopefully I will be able to find a job just right for me. Now if I can’t find one within the next week or so my plan is just to transfer with the current job I have now until I find a job that works better for me.

As for other news, Its about two weeks away from my move and boy I just can’t wait. I have the money I need saved up and I got myself a new car and boy I love it so much!!! Its been a few years since I have had a car since I had to sell my previous one. And I got a pretty good deal for it too since I got it over the Labor Day Weekend. I am pretty excited to be back in the blogging world though and even though I have been doing quite a bit of re reading, I do have quite a few reviews to post on here!!