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Happy Independence Day!!

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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE!! Especially to all of my fellow American readers, friends and bloggers.

I know that this post may cost me friendships that I have built over the years (crazy I know) and if you choose that, I wish you the best. I really do. But for those of you, who have stood by me over the years, supported me, and will continue doing so…you are GOLD in my eyes. That is so precious especially in today’s climate.

Today I wanted to share some honest truths with you all, and I know I KNOW this may seem offensive but that is not my intention at all. What my intention is to share my honest view and why I believe we live in the best country in the world. As I look at what is happening in our country, my heart is saddened. My spirit lies so entrenched into this country. When I see all the hate against the fundamental truths of this country and what it stands for I am baffled by it all to be honest. My grandfather fought for this country in WWII, he even witnessed one of the heartbreaking events …Pearl Harbor. He lost his brother in the war. And yeah lets just say he would go into battle mode if he was still alive against those that want to burn our country to the ground. Because he gave so much so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we do. I have many friends that have fought in the military and have given everything that they are to defend us.

So what is so beautiful about the Red White and Blue? About the best political document ever created in the history of mankind? What sets us apart? Well let me tell you…..it was our founding. Our founding fathers wanted something better, they braved fighting against  a country that had been dominant over the whole world just so they could live freely. Our country is built on elements of freedom and equality. Now we have our sins just like every single country in the world. Because historically mankind hasn’t been its greatest. But I totally believe that the constitution and the declaration of independance inspired a better way of life, of how to treat others, serve one another, appreciate the good things in life.

My own ancestors came here to America, wanting to leave England and craft a better life for themselves and almost gave their lives to defend those being treated cruelly—-those enslaved at the time. They were willing to give their lives to defend complete strangers. That is my legacy and I am dang proud of that. I am proud that they saw that every man and woman deserved freedom and the rights to liberty and freedom and pursuit of happiness. And because of that the only extermination order ever to be created in the history of our country was delivered but they still stood for what they believed. This is why I will stand for what I believe.

I think we have forgotten what our country is actually about. Its not about slavery, its not about racism….its about liberty, fighting injustice and fighting for equality for all, to learning to be kind to each other, and to see the content of one’s character over the color of one’s skin and to appreciate the blessings we are given in life and craft a life of empowerment and love. It honestly breaks my heart seeing people not knowing history, tearing down monuments even those of men and women who fought against slavery. What I see today? Is how divided we are becoming as a country and as a people. Its not Black vs White or Man vs Woman …..we are ALL human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and I will always fight for that. I see what is happening in our country and in the world. I look at Martin Luther King Jr, who cited the Declaration of Independence and it was the constitution that inspired the civil rights movement –that alone tells me what it really is about.

This is a holiday and a day we should be celebrating. Its a day to honor those that have sacrificed so much for this country, its a day to remember the values that we hold most dear but so many today have forgotten. Now this country is far from perfect and there is so much to work on to bring true equality to all, but I think we have forgotten the blessings we have been given in life. Today’s post is to honor those who have given their all for us, for those that gave their lives to fight against injustice and tyranny. And I want to close with one of my favorite quotes “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country” I am so delighted to live in the land of the brave and free, to live in a country where anything is possible, to live the “American Dream”, and I feel beyond blessed to have been born in such a free country.

I hope you all have a beautiful holiday and find some ways to celebrate with your loved ones.

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