Grab It Up: Book Release for February 11 2020

Every week, we do a feature “Grab It Up” where we feature the week’s book releases and our my top picks for the week. So come and take a look at our offerings for the week and let me know in the comments below which book releases this week you are most looking forward to.

I am loving this series so far and I can’t wait to continue. Not my favorite type of cover but I am sure its fabulous!!

LOVE this cover and YAY for another sci fi romance….i am excited for this one for sure.

I am in love with this cover and honestly this author has been on my TBR list FOR AGES!! Just looking at that smile, I already know I will be adding this to my kindle.

I have read the first couple books in the series and have enjoyed the set up and the different characters we have been introduced to so I am looking forward to it. Love the backdrop setting on this cover…so pretty.