Going on a lil’ hiatus

So I have been debating this for a while ..and I think for the overall plans for the site this is much needed here. I have some goals in mind and mainly for the blog. Now if I had more time or was lucky to be able to work from home but alas I am a front line worker so my hours are long and I can’t do everything I need for this blog and my goals. And I am not disappearing or anything I will still be very active on Goodreads so you can find me over there. But the blog just everything combined takes a lot of time and there are some projects I want to get finished up

  • Get all book reviews fully transfered into my UBB plugin and fully into the site
  • finish up the time eras for my book database section of the site
  • clean up my goodreads shelves…..I have been bad over the years in being more organized in my shelving and I want it to be more organized than it is currently and I have really neglected it and want to use more goodreads way more effectively
  • find a better commenting system….discus is giving me issues and their support isn’t helpful so switching over to something better

I am not sure how long I will be on hiatus but I want to be a better and more efficient blogger and reviewer and feel like taking this time will be better in the long run.