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Was There A Book You Had To Read In School That You Loved? 


Yes actually, not many. But there was a couple. A play by William Shakespeare “Much Ado About Nothing” this was really my introduction into plays, and I fell in love with this play, one of the best as far as I am concerned!!  Full of romance, humor, quirky characters and a dialogue that keeps you interested (what more can you ask right? Plus the movie is also great if you haven’t seen it…GET IT!!) The second was The Diary of Anne Frank, I have always had a fascination with WWII (I have no idea why, maybe because I love history), but this book really helped me gain a bigger picture of how those people in Germany and Europe that suffered horribly because of their beliefs and standards of living. It just breaks my heart, but I believe its important to read those things, even if they aren’t easy, so that we can gain a picture of how one man’s ambitions can affect millions of lives.