#FitReaders: Weekly Check In


This past week was pretty good, I mostly did running and walking, since I had to take a few days to heal from a tough resistence workout. I ordered a foam roll to help with my cool downs and rehabilitations—its part of the program, but I thought stretching would be enough. Nope since I could barely walk for three days hehe Its definitely a lot more intense than mere yoga and pilates that I have done in the past. But from what I hear you get great results. So worth it since I already feel stronger and healthier.

Week Progress For April 16 through 23rd. 

Friday -38 Min Treadmill

Saturday -Legs Resistence Workout-28 Min

Sunday -Arms and Abs Resistence Workout-28 Min

Monday Rest

Tuesday Treadmill–walking only-30 Min

Wednesday Treadmill Running-38 Min

Thursday Treadmill Running-38 Min

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