Fit Readers: Week Of May 13 – May 19

This week has been so good, loving my Sweat With Kayla workout program!!! Such a challenge though, but I finally got a handle on foam rolling and love never being sore the next day.

Friday–30 Min Running and 28 Min of Resistance–focus on legs.

Saturday 28 Min of Resistence–focus on arms and abs

Sunday 28 Min of Resisance-focus on full body

Monday- 28 Min of Resistance-focus on full body

Tuesday-28 Min of Resistance-focus on legs

Wednesday-28 Min of Resistance-focus on arms and abs

Thursday-38 Min of Running on Treadmill

How was your progress on living a fit life? 

4 thoughts on “Fit Readers: Week Of May 13 – May 19

  1. Nice! I’m kinda jealous…LOL. I just started exercising again last week since finishing chemo/radiation. It’s very slow going but feels great to be moving. Mostly doing walking and stretching exercises.

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