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Featured Podcast: Love Lust and Badass Soul

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Featured Podcast | 0 comments

Welcome to another PODCAST FEATURE!!! The past few months I have discovered some of the most life changing podcasts, and I have Love Lust and Badass Soul to thank for that. Now I have always done bookish podcasts which I still love and adore of course. But there is something more fulfilling in these latest ones I have discovered. When I first discovered this podcast I was just searching for a podcast on relationships and I never expected to be brought into a beautiful world of podcasts. I actually started from their first episode, I just had this strong feeling I would get more out of it if I started from the very beginning and I am so glad that I actually did this. I binge listened to this podcast with all of their  episodes which I believe they are at 79 in ONE week. Watch out because these two are addictive to listen to. These two have had so much growth. And if you just look at how they were at the first episode especially Haize. So its co hosted, we have the lovely AJ and then we have Mr. Ceo Haize or also known as CJ. And Haize is the one that we see so much growth and I loved seeing how more relaxed and open he becomes in this podcast. There is so much passion that these share in their podcast. And we see the growing friendship these two have together and its beautiful to see that really come together for these two. They have had one live show that was a raving success and now they are about to have their second one in Atlanta—so if you live near by you definitely need to check that out. I will be attending their show in Philly and I can’t wait.

Tickets To Their LIVE SHOW in Atlanta——CLICK HERE

So what I have really loved about their podcast is the fact in how relatable they are. Now I won’t say that EVERYTHING they discuss I completely agree with but about 90% I am on board with completely. They really make sense in what they talk about. They pretty much talk about everything you can think of when it comes to relationships, to sex and more. This is a more relaxed type of podcast, these two really let go and has a more carefree feeling to it and I love how it can always make me laugh and sigh in pleasure!! I highly recommend you check out these fantastic people out, you will never regret checking them out and a very fruitful podcast that I can’t wait to see their growth and journey ahead!! LOVE YOU BOTH!! PEACE.








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