Featured Podcast: Change The Subject

Change The Subject I discovered with seeing BJ who is the host be on other shows but the big influence was through The Awakened Soul (and you know I have been discovering the BEST podcasts through Haize) and BJ is a true soul that everyone needs to listen to. This man, I don’t even know, but he is so inspiring and does so much and very involved in the culture and I can see him going so far in the podcasting world and more. He is truly inspiring in the way he shares himself through his podcasts whether its through his own podcast or the Unruly Creatives with CEO Haize and PeopleTalkDaily.

The Change The Subject is one where BJ really talks about serious issues that are hardly ever addressed. In fact, I believe that pretty much everything that he covers on this one is a must listen to because he really has you thinking deeply and evaluating yourself and boy he really makes me take a good long hard look at myself and see where I need improvement but also his discussions help me realize the growth I have developed over the years too. I love how self reflective his episodes turn into and you never quite imagine it at first but before you know it you are realizing some truths that you didn’t even think of. He covers topics from Receiving and Giving Compliments, Responsibility and Entitlement, Emotional Baggage That Wears Down Relationships, Life Choices, State of Feminism, Toxic Behaviors, Sexism in Religion and MORE!! So many episodes packed with lots of goodness and I always know I will be learning something new when he has a new episode. Its very obvious all the hard work that he puts into podcasting and it shows. I love how deep everything he talks about it and you also see how much he shares of himself and so many LAYERS to this noble man who is a man of worth.

I don’t think I could ever give this podcast and the man behind it all enough credit and a good enough review because I just love how REAL he is in everything that he does.  He has changed my life for the better and one of the true inspirations in new adventures. I love the way that he motivates and inspires and gets you awakening to the real issues in life, society, and mental/emotional health awareness. We see in his podcast how much he truly values others and the way he seeks out to bring about change and help others. He is a shining example of growth and service. May God Bless Ya and Keep Ya BJ!! Truly blessed to have discovered you and your friendship!!


Looking for a new podcast that will make you think deeper, inspire you to be kinder and self aware, a host that you can relate with on any subject and motivate you to become the greater YOU!! Check Him OUT!!

The Podcast

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