Feature & Follow (48) Movies…Movies…Favorites? OH MY!!!

Feature & Follow (48) Movies...Movies...Favorites? OH MY!!!


Question Of The Week 

What Is Your Favorite Movie?

Lover Of Romance’s Answer:

There are so many favorites that I love but if I had to choose here are my top three favorites: These three movies are so amazingnly good. Some will argue that the five hour version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is better, but I feel that movie is too long and drags at times. This version with Keira Knightly–well Lets just say I have lost count how many times I have read it!! And the soundtrack is utterly brilliant!! Hellfighters is one of the best movies John Wayne ever played in…has a fun romance–two technically, lots of drama and action, and I love the oil fires. This is the only time I have ever seen this scenario in a movie. And Star Wars…I had a hard time choosing which of the three (movies 4-6) I loved the most, but its the sixth…I just love everything about it. Anakin turning good, the Ewoks, death of Jabba and some great acting and the romance really builds between Han and Leia. Have any of you seen these? What do you think of them?




21 thoughts on “Feature & Follow (48) Movies…Movies…Favorites? OH MY!!!

  1. I actually haven’t seen any of these movies, Renee… And lately, the only movies I’ve seen are Pixar ones 😉

    Have a fantastic Friday and happy reading.

    1. oh my Lexxie…I might cry LOL I do know that you can watch Hellfighters for free on Youtube and I think it might be on Netflix but I am not sure…it used to be. You definitely should watch these when you get a chance..they are dang good!! I like Pixar but I do need to be in the mood for them.

        1. Oh I can imagine. My sister has a four year old, and she doesn’t get much chance to watch more than Pixar and Disney unless she and her boyfriend go out and get away from the kids. But if I ever am in need of a animated film she is my go to girl LOL

  2. I have a confession to make….I’ve never seen a John Wayne movie…I know how can I call myself an American right?! I need to do this. My husband is always fussing at me for not knowing his movies 😉

    Love the 2005 P&P!!! It’s one of my go-to movies….and Star Wars!!! Heck yeah!

    Old follower via Bloglovin

    Here’s my FF

    1. No John Wayne!! So sad LOL I grew up watching his movies so I just adore them. You really do…and if you like a mix of adventure and romance…most of his movies have all of that!! And he is a fab actor.

  3. I really love that version of Pride & Predjudice. I love the 1995 version too, but I like the 2005 one just as much and for different reasons. I actually think that Kiera Knightley was wonderful as Elizabeth Bennet.

  4. Hopping through. I love the 2005 version . I do think the 1996 version is better but I love both. I think Matthew Macfadyen is better looking than Colin Firth.

    My FF

    1. Both versions are good, I think I watched the 2005 version first and so that may be why I like it more. And Matthew Macfayden is just gorgeous. I love how well he played Mr.Darcy.

  5. Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite’s too! I love The Notebook too 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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