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The Question Of The Week:

How many books have you got on your TBR list?

Well on my Goodreads its pretty high…almost 4,000. That is quite a huge number. And lately I have been behind in adding books. But what I have just started doing is for every few months have a spreadsheet for books I want to work on to shave off that TBR list. 

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    1. haha I have no idea!! But I have read quite a bit of books in the past ten years or so, so the more you read the bigger the pile grows. But this year one of my goals is shaving that off a bit…especially some of the older books I have had on my list for quite a few years.

  1. I have 2140 on my TBR pile. I started a spread sheet a few years back to track the books on my shelves mostly so I could eliminate duplicates. I have joined challenges and started a blog post for people to pick a book off my pile all in an effort to get it under control. LOL! For one of my New Year’s resolutions, I gave myself permission not to feel guilty about that pile, but just to enjoy the books as I read them like I’m supposed to. 😉 I also set a goal to reduce how many new purchases and review books I take so I can work on the pile. Slight success there. I keep a wish list at GR and Amazon for books which helps me delay the purchase of a new book. Sorta.

    1. What a lovely comment!! I think its very neat you do a blog post for your tbr pile picks. One of my current yearly challenges this year, is shaving off books from my TBR pile that is beyond three years or so…its good because I get to read some of those older romances I have been meaning to get to. For me on what I purchase is all whether my library carries them or not. If they dont or its a long waiting list…or its a book I would re read…then I buy it. Its not a perfect system yet but I am working on that TBR pile because it just keeps growing and growing. I guess thats what happens when you can read a book a day for the past ten years lol

  2. Oh man! I thought my list was big but I only have a couple hundred. That’s a ton of books! Good luck reading them all eventually. 🙂

    My FF!

    1. haha!! I know its big and it keeps growing. This year though I have a goal to shave it down a bit. I tend to read a lot….and my interests have grown in the ten years of romance reading….so the more you read the bigger your list gets. But the one nice thing about a big TBR list…is the variety of tropes…I just pick a book I am in the mood for and READ. So in some ways its good and in other ways I wonder if I will ever get to them all.

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