Elite Romance: Let Downs of 2019

In this next post of our Elite Romance series I will be sharing my largest disappointments for the year, there weren’t many but there was some that really left me sad and frustrated.

This was the LARGEST disappointment for the year and I did read the second book as well, but yeah this SO wasn’t for me. This is the reason I get nervous in read hyped books because this tends to happen. Maybe I will try some of her adult books and see if they suit me better.

This book *sigh* I normally have enjoyed reading this author but I will say the heroine is what turned me off completely, she was so emotionally abusive to the hero. and it was in such a way that really was horrid.

Yeah my hopes were obviously way too high for this one because I didn’t care for it too much. The romance just didn’t work for me, I liked both characters but the story fell really flat for me. But I know I am in the minority in this one. Marrying Winterborne is still the best book of the series so far for me. Hopefully the next book will rock my world.

What Books Were Some Of The Biggest Let Downs For You of 2019?