Elite Romance 2018: Swoony Pairs

Elite Romance 2018: Swoony Pairs

So today I would like to talk about the best swoony pairing I read in 2018. This was such a hard list to narrow down since I read some great swoony ones this year.

This is one of my favorite pairings all year, there was just something about the chemistry and the emotion between these two that I found compelling. It had such a magnteism feel to it that I just gobbled right up and only ended up wanting more.

This new series has started out with a bang and what I really liked about the romance was the gradual growth that we see. I loved seeing the various depths of intimacy that this couple grows into, its simply so heartfelt.

This book is true evidence of the talent of Margaret Mallory and her way of writing romance hasn’t changed since switching from Harlequin to Self Pub. But what makes this couple one of the best swoony pairings is how well these two compliment each other’s strengths and weakeness so beautifully and see this story develop in the manner that it does is such delight.

First off I felt like I had been swept off my feet with this book. There was so many swoon moments that we see between these two here. I just loved the Mary Poppins theme, but the romance itself in this book is captivating and I couldn’t put this book down.

I loved reading their story and seeing the growth and passion that builds throughout the three books is more than swoon worthy. I was drawn into this pair who are different but make those differences become strengths in their relationship and seeing how much they overcome together.

I have to say that my heart is so sad that we will see no more Kate and Curran because I love this pair. They are so strong together and boy can they kick ass together. But also when life calms down, I love those small moments that we see of them together, in love and being partners (even if they need to work on their communication—but no couple is perfect right?) They are still one of my favorite couples and makes me swoon every time I read them together

This is one of my favorite books of the series and there is so much fun good times in this book but boy this book can make you SWOON!!! I loved the adventure, the triumphs, the trials and the captivating love story that develops.

There is something about how this book was written that sucks the reader right in my goodness…their LOVE STORY was beyond amazing. I just couldn’t get enough of seeing how much these two learned to rely on each other despite all the outside forces that are against them and don’t want them to be happy. These two learn to value one another and the strength their relationship gives them.

Broolynaire features a couple that you see built up with in the previous three books and so when you finally read their book you get all that chemistry and feels and seeing them finally find their HEA when they have been in love with each other for years is so satisfying and I was head over heels in love with their swoony love tale.