Elite Romance 2018: Smexy Times

Elite Romance 2018: Smexy Times

I have to admit that I had the opportunity to listen or read some fabulous books that have some sensual and evoking lovemaking scenes that were very compelling and not books you want to read in public and ones you might want to go grab your partner just as a precaution. :p

There is something about the writing of Lisa Kleypas that makes for the perfect romance, and her love scenes are some of the BEST out there in the genre. Even her kissing scenes are so powerful and sensually provoking and I LOVE it.

There is so much goodness in the heat scenes that Anne Stuart creates in her books. In fact her WHOLE books are full of the best foreplay you would need.

I will have that Charlotte Featherstone comes very VERY close to erotic historical romance. Its on the edge really, but there is something so erotic about her writing, she really implement emotions with desire and passion so very well.

The scenes between these two are HOT!!! Just to warn you, these are very erotic, this author does know how to write her levels of desire that really show in the pages and this series “Dark In You” are some of the best sexy times I have seen.

Christine Feehan had such a primitive way in writing her sex scenes, they definitely get hot enough to fog up your windows for sure!!! Who needs heat when you read a CF?!

Ruby Dixon always has some of the most intimate love scenes, they can be pretty erotic at times but I love the hint of emotion she always mixes in with them.

This is my favorite book of the series, I just was drawn into this one so completely. Its not a full on BDSM, mostly just dealing with rope play but I really loved seeing these two get introduced and develop their relationship and yes the sexy times in this book are so well writen.

This was my first Sarah McCarty…..I have one recommendation do NOT ever listen to her books while you are at work. Because I don’t think I need to say more than that. They are very very HOT and provacative.

I just love LOVE this author and she is very famous for her level of heat in her books. For off, they are very VERY well done, but powerfully erotic at times.