Elite Romance 2018: Let Downs

Elite Romance 2018: Let Downs

I will admit that there were some disappointment in my reading this year, I guess I have high expectations on some books and not so on others. So I wanted to share why I felt a bit “let down” with these books. Which in some is the unpopular opinion (so please dont HATE me for it) hehe

I wanted to love this book, but both the main characters I really struggled with and I didn’t get past the first hour of listening. I may return to it I am not sure yet, but this book made me mad. The hero is a pansy and figuratively “has no balls” and the heroine is selfish in now letting the hero (who is the father of their children) not being able to be a real father to them only known as a family friend to the kids and yeah that irked me. Especially since the hero wants to be known as their dad but the heroine refuses to let it happen. And this story just made me angry so I had to put it aside.

So I ADORE this series so much and I think i had really high hopes for this book and it was such a disappointment since I have loved everything I have read from this author apart from this one. The amount of angst was SUPER high, like really high and I just never felt their relationship in the way I was expecting or needed. It just had me angry all the way through except for the very end.

I adored this one, don’t get me wrong, it had some positive qualities it was just disappointing because I didn’t connect with the story as much as the first two books so I just didn’t end up enjoying it quite as much as I was wanting.

I just know that I am in the minority for sure in this one, but I didn’t like the heroine that much. The hero was awesome, but the heroine just felt to be self righteous in different ways and it really annoyed me and I ended up not enjoying the book quite that well. So my least favorite of the series so far.

I just read this one, still need one of the novella’s to finish, not sure it will happen since I can’t get into the last story. However Jodi Thomas’ book was fantastic and the rest were a bit dull and uninteresting. Just not a book that really worked for me, but now I want to read more of Jodi Thomas and I definitely will in 2019

I really enjoy reading this author and many of her books have been so fun to read, but this one I just couldn’t get into it, it really dragged.

So I have LOVED this author but this book did NOT work for me. I am not sure exactly what it was, maybe it was the narrator, but I just couldn’t get involved in the story and just found it boring. So I will probably try it again this upcoming year and borrow it from the library and see if I feel the same way after trying it a second time. But my first time around wasn’t fun.

At the beginning of the book I loved it, but then the story just DRAGGED so badly for the rest of the book until the very end. I just lost interest and forced myself to read the rest of it.

This was an likeable read here, however, the pacing was off, and I wasn’t as into it as some of the previous books although I really adored the hero, he was awesome so full of courage and strength. Need more men like him in this world.