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Elite Romance 2018: Leading Ladies

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Elite Romance 2018: Leading Ladies

I have discovered some wonderful heroines this past year that are sweet, strong, courageous and beyond endearing and easy to relate to. These women are an inspiration, I love seeing them face unique challenges and rise above and grow beyond what they are in the beginning.

Jillian Ramsay

She is a anthropologist, working for a oranizationon ( the League for Interspecies Cooperation). Jillian is such a fun and feisty heroine and she can hold her own with the best of them. I loved her determination and zest for life. Jillian is a heroine you can easily relate to.

Makenna Dunstan

She is not your typical historical heroine, she is one that lives for adventure and not to be denied anything just because she is a woman. She loves to ride, hunt, and can even fight with a sword. She is loyal to her clan and family. I loved her independence and strong spirit.

Mari Perkins

Mari is one dynamic heroine and I pretty much loved everything about her character. She is creative, kind, passionate and endearing. She handles herself well with children and men of all shapes and sizes including the hero.

Lady Penelope Adalira de Wolfe

Penelope is one of my favorite historical heroines and that is saying something. Le Veque writes great leading ladies, but Penelope is my favorite one. She is cunning, way smarter than her family gives her credit for, and great inner strength. I love her ability to fight and stand by her man even if that means fighting against her family in battle. LOVED everything about Penelope and could relate to her in many ways.

Cassandra Sinclair

I have adored Cassie since I first read “Elizabeth’s Wolf” one of the earlier books in the Breed series. We have seen her grow throughout the series and I just loved seeing the hidden depths to her character and boy does she have DEPTHS. And boy you do NOT want to make her mad. She is one of the best leading ladies of the year for a reason. She has grace, intelligence, spirit, sensuality and a loving heart.


Annika is the type of heroine you wish you could be….she is a mermaid. She loves to dance, swim and clean!! She lives life in the moment and enjoys it to the fullest. She is very fit and loves to exercise and she has such a zest for life. I loved her passion and kind heart. She is honest to a fault, and says exactly what is on her mind and doesn’t have the filters that many “humans” have developed.

Portia Hobbs

There is nothing better than finding a heroine you can admire and relate to in so many ways. Portia is trying to find her place in the world, her family doesn’t approve of her choices, she is very intelligent and feisty when she needs to be. I loved how easy she is to relate to though, I could see so much of myself in her character.

Kate Daniels

This is a heroine I have really had fun reading for the past couple of years, and even though she drives me crazy with her lack of communication with Curran at times (of course in this book he is just as guilty) she is a fighter, can kick ass, a good wife and a protective mother. She is so badass at times and I LUV it.


This heroine just shines in this book (even though its not my favorite from this author) I absoutely adored Gilene in so many ways. She is always willing to do what it takes to protect her people even at a great cost to herself. She has some powerful abilities of her own and isn’t afraid to use them if necessary.


I loved Roxy in many ways, but she is a heroine that you can cheer on. She hasn’t had a easy life, but she isn’t too bitter about it and doesn’t take it out on others. She has her own intelligence, but she also has vulnerabilties especially when it comes to dealing with family drama. But I loved how “real” Roxy felt to me. She is kind and tender hearted but has a fiery spirit to admire.


Throughout this four book series, you see the growth of this heroine and seeing her fully come into herself. She isn’t your average demon, she has spirit and stubborness and can fight when she needs to. She is a artist, and loves fiercely.

Miranda Rohan

Miranda has many qualities that make her more than capable as a Rohan. She is a fighter though, cunning and a quick wit. She handles the hero so very well, even after he betrays her the most. She has such grace and patience and I really admired how she handles the hero (who can be a jerk at times) and really is his perfect match.

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