Elite Romance 2018: Book Boyfriends

Elite Romance 2018: Book Boyfriends

There were so many wonderful book boyfriends that are mouthwatering, swoony and make you weak at the knees and give you tingles down the spine and I had a difficult time narrowing down my list but these are my top picks for the whole year. Considering I have read almost 300 books, that is saying quite a bit. So let me share with you those bookish heroes I wish were real.

Christian, The Duke of Lexington

I simply had a fun time with Christian. he has some flaws, he makes mistakes but at the heart of him he is a good man. When he finds the woman he loves, he is completely devoted to her and so patient waiting for her to “come to her senses”. He knows Venetia is the woman for him, and I love how he shows her in his actions how much he cares for her. So loyal and devoted and has such a sensual and commanding presence.


Thomas Brown

Thomas is such a wonderful hero. He sees in blacks, white and grey and no color. I loved his openess and kindness. He has such a beautiful soul. He is a protector, a friend and supporter.

Knox Thorne

I love this hero so much and boy if you are hankering for a sexy alpha hero, Knox is YOUR man!! Because wow I swooned over this hero so much. In fact I have read this series twice since first reading this series in November. He is powerful, commanding, a leader and pure alpha goodness. He knows what to do in the bedroom, he is a leader and fights to protect. He is definitely motivated to sucess, and has created his own triumphs by hard work and determination.

Cruz Walsh

This is such a wonderful hero, I love that prison didn’t change him for the worse or that he isn’t super bitter over the past. He spent years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Even when he is released, the town treats him worse than anything but I love that he doesn’t let that get him down. He accepts it as is, and boy I admired his strength and courage.

Nate Kattenberger

Nate may be a billionaire, but he is a good man. He is a nerd, likes his computer programs and his privacy. And he has so much patience, waiting for the right time to claim his girl who he has loved for years. He is close to his family and will do anything for those he loves. He is loyal and endearing with just the right touch of alpha qualities to make him sexy as hell.


This is a hero that you can deeply fall in love with and one you would want to marry in real life. He is the town mayor, honest and good to the soul. He loves food especially berries. He is a bear shifter, so plenty room to cuddle with. Even though he is protective, he is supportive and understanding of his mate’s need to use her abilities and protect what she needs to protect and fight her own battles. A man who is a partner.

Sir Ruari Kerr

Ruari is a lovely hero to read. And boy he handles being taken captive very well. Some men can be such babies, but he treats it like just another day hehe I love how understanding he is of Sorcha’s reasonings for it. But when it comes down to it, he fights for the woman he loves and wants her happy.


Rokan is such a fun sweet hero. Ruby Dixon’s heroes make the perfect book boyfriends, because they would be awesome to have in real life.  He is a kind hero and a virgin too. He is all about action though, showing his mate how much he loves her and that his interest is genuine and real.

Frederick Mackintosh

Frederick may be a bit of a highland playboy at times, but when he wants to settle down….he goes full speed ahead and has no hesitation in going after what he wants. He is a warrior in all aspects of life but most especially in matters of the heart. But what is most appealing is how he is with the heroine. She has suffered much abuse, but Frederick only wants to encourage her and support her and let her see her own beauty and the wonderful person she is.

Ethan Ransom

I may have had some issues with the heroine….but the HERO was magnificent in this book and I adored everything about him. He is a bit reserved but more out of wanting to protect others from harm. He is a protector and loyal to his country and very capable in just about every way. He is dedicated to his values, honest and true to himself. He has such a eloquent way of expressing himself and his feelings especially when it comes to true love.

Will Montgomery

Will is such a fun and sexy hero and boy he worked for me in every way. He is one of my favorite heroes that this author has written. I love how playful and easy going Will is. He LOVES his food ( I mean he will eat a whole cow if you let him) We see so many depths with his character from big bad tough football player to the sweet, affectionate man he is with his girl.

Rory MacKenzie

Rory is such a great highlander hero, and no one writes heroes like Margaret Mallory. I love every one of them that she writes. They have this whole kilted warrior aspect going on, and boy his scottish accent—yummy. He lives by honor and loyalty. I love how he is always growing as a character. He knows he isn’t perfect, but is always working on improving himself and become a better person as a whole. Love seeing a man know his faults and mistakes and trying to improve himself through hard work and determination and seeing himself as he truly is.