Elite Book Boyfriends of 2019

So this is our first day of our ELITE ROMANCE series that we do every year. So this is I share all of my personal favorite book boyfriends of the books that I was able to read this year. So lets delve into that beautiful masculinity I adore and LOVE!!

There is something that you got to love about FROST ….the way she writes her heroes is unlike any other author. And man I have always adored IAN, and his book is a perfect match for his character.

There is something irresistable about Raphael, he is a hero that is beyond memorable. And what we see in him in this book is so unique and boy he is badass in this book.

I love those heroes that surprise you and this hero indeed did just that. He is the blue collar hero you just need in your life.

This is a type of hero that takes care of his body (like seriously I wanted to just eat veggies) while reading this book lol but he is also strong, compassionate and stable. And that is sexy beyond all get out.


This hero *sigh* he is more dreamy than I can say. One he is such a responsible loving father, but he also will do whatever it takes to protect his kids and love that he isn’t afraid to take action towards that goal.

This author writes the BEST alpha males, and boy this hero, is the type of alpha that has vulnerabilities and a caring way about him. I love how he is around the heroine.


i simply adored Naasir….he is one of the BEST characters in this whole world that Singh has created. And seriously he is on my wall of my top book boyfriends of all time

Colin is such a great hero…..hard working, Loyal and caring and I love his devotion to Janna.

This hero I truly adored in what we see from his vulnerabilities that he has. We see so much growths in him and he has such a core of steel that I admired.

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