Elite Book Boyfriends of 2017

There were so many wonderful book boyfriends that are mouthwatering, swoony and make you weak at the knees and give you tingles down the spine and I had a difficult time narrowing down my list but these are my top picks for the whole year. Considering I have read close to 300 books, that is saying quite a bit. So let me share with you those bookish heroes I wish were real.

Sailor Bishop

Sailor is the type of hero that is a keeper!! I could totally see this hero as husband material. He is hardworking, dedicated to his family, driven to his dreams, kind and thoughtful and sincere and knows how to give a knee popping kiss.

I say we don’t run, we don’t hide. We try. I’m no poet, Isa. I can’t give you fancy words. But I know what we have is special. It’s worth a fight.

Dilys Merimydion

There is something so unique about Dilys, a type of hero you don’t see very often. He was raised in a matriarchal society, he has worked hard for many years just for the chance to find love and marry. He is devoted, loyal and honest. He is true to himself, he respects and reveres women, the stronger and spirited—the better. He knows what he wants and goes after it and doesn’t give up on the woman he wants. He is the perfect hero that makes you swoon.

You weren’t born to stand alone. You were born to love and to be loved. To share what’s inside of you. And whether you want to admit it or not, you’re heart knows it can share it with me.

Valentin Nikolaev

Valentin is the alpha of his pack, he is a true leader in every way. He has the strong personality to protect those he serves, but also has compassion and a sense of humor that allows him to connect with every member of his pack, no matter their age or if they are a dominant or submissive member. He is patient with Silver, and is a hero that adapts easily to new circumstances. What impressed me most about Valentin is what he will do to win over his lady. How he controls certain impulses that his alpha side so he can court his lady and I loved his growly alpha sensual side but he also knows how to win a woman’s heart. Modern men today could take lessons from him for sure!!

He needed a mate who’d refuse to take any of his shit. She’d also drive him insane, of that he was certain, but bears were lunatics anyway. It’d be fun. All he had to do was convince Silver of that

Maverick Rylan

This hero is beyond sexy and sweet and protective. He is very loyal to his brothers in the club and knows who he is and proud of it. He has confidence and self assurance and will make your heart melt.

“Was just thinking that Lucy could totally be the club’s mascot. You need a biker name, though, ” he said, hugging Lucy a little tighter to his chest as she tense at the clipping “Lucy” is cute and all but it doesn’t really fit our vibe. Or the sweater I bought you. Maybe Lucky or Bones or…Slugger. Right?” The cat purred and stared at him “You like that idea, don’t you? Yes, you do, kittykitty.”

“You are totally cooing at my cat right now.”

“Am not.”

“It’s turning me on.”

“I’m totally cooing at your cat.”

Matthew Hamilton

This is the type of hero you would give anything to have as your man and the leader of any country. He is honorable, honest, true to his convictions and loves people. He is intelligent and charming and fights for the woman he loves and the only hidden agenda he has is to increase the betterment of mankind at the heart of who he is. We see a man who sacrifices much to make America great but also manages to be a wonderful husband and father. I loved his giving heart, has such a hope for the future and is passionate about life.

I’m in over my head for this girl. Once I thought I couldn’t do both, govern a broken country and have her. But I know now that I will die trying to do both. This is who I am. I’m the president and a man

Remington Tate

Katy Evans writes the BEST heroes I have ever read. So yes Remy is another book boyfriend for sure. Now Remy is a bit different from her other heroes, which I loved. He is flawed and has his own vulnerabilities. But he is also a fighter and not just in the ring. He is beyond swoony and knows that when he finds the right woman, he will do everything to win her heart and protect her. He is a true alpha, dominant and possessive but also is “broken” and needs love.

Protecting you is my privilege. I will protect you and anything that you value as if it were mine