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Double The Romance Book Review-Barbarian’s Hope and Barbarian’s Choice by Ruby Dixon

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Double The Romance Book Review-Barbarian's Hope and Barbarian's Choice by Ruby Dixon

Double The Romance Book Review-Barbarian’s Hope and Barbarian’s Choice by Ruby DixonBarbarian's Hope by Ruby Dixon
Also in this series: Ice Planet Barbarians, Barbarian Alien, Barbarian Lover, Barbarian Mine, Barbarian's Prize, Barbarian's Mate, Barbarian's Touch, Barbarian's Taming
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #10
on November 18, 2016
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Pages: 175
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
AmazonLibrary Thing

Seasons ago, I resonated to the quietest of tribesmates, a male content to love me from afar while I was the center of attention. We could have been happy. Despite our differences, I loved him and he loved me.

But then a terrible thing happened…and my world was never the same again.

Now resonance is giving us a second chance, but…I’m afraid. What if what I have with my mate is too broken to be fixed? What if there’s no hope left for us at all?

Barbarian’s Hope is the tenth book in the Ice Planet Barbarians….I can hardly believe that I have come so far in this wonderful series that has swept me away in the stars….and yes Ruby Dixon is one of those authors that helps me escape from reality and in such a delicious way. I will admit though that I wasn’t too excited for this book, just because of what we have seen between this couple in the past books, I wasn’t sure I was too hyped up for the strong angst that I was sure to happen in this book, however, I fell in love with their story. It wasn’t as great as an experience as previous books but it was engaging and emotionally driven which is an aspect that I always go for in a story. This is Asho and Hemalo’s story.

Hemalo and Asha are mates and resonated with each other, and Asha became pregnant but their baby was born early and died and the death of their baby girl broke both of them including the fragile love they had for each other. Asha pushed Hemalo away, letting the grief and bitterness consume anything she had once felt for Hemalo. We see a different side to Asha, we see what is behind her tough exterior. Hemalo, is steady and strong. He loves Asha and will do anything to make her life easier, even if that means leaving her. Asha is hurt that Hemalo has left her but she knows that its all her fault. But when they resonate again, both Hemalo and Asha are forced to face up to their grief and the love they have for each other that has never left.

Because I will be at your side every moment of every day. When you frown, I will give you mouth-matings until you smile again. When you are sad, I will hold you close until you are happy again. When we sleep, it will be together, under the same furs.

I had a blast with this story here, and even though it was hard to see some angst between the couple which is mostly due to anger and unresolved issues between the couple. We also see what grief and loss can do to a couple that once had all the hopes for the future. We see Asha realize what she wants and she fights for Hemalo. There were parts of this book that just broke me heart especially when she goes after Hemalo and she has to face another loss when her heart has to face up to grief again. View Spoiler » But this time instead of losing herself and pushing Hemalo away, they rely on each other and try to help the Metlak pair and go back home to start their new life together….or their second chance. I always adored Hemalo, he is so steady and hard working and the type of hero you could see yourself marrying on day. So strong and reliable. But Asha, she was a heroine that has to grow on you, but I guarantee that she will grow on you eventually. You see a deeper side of her character and understand her in ways you don’t in previous books. We also see a character that you don’t like very much and see so much character growth from her where she begins to realize the mistakes she has made in the past and tries to move past them. We also have a side story here that involves Claire trying to set up a holiday celebration.

Overall I found Barbarian’s Hope to be a truly heart wrenching read that will tug at your emotions and make you see a deeper side to this pairing….its a story of loss but also of renewed love and hope. AN ENDEARING LOVE TALE!

Double The Romance Book Review-Barbarian’s Hope and Barbarian’s Choice by Ruby DixonBarbarian's Choice by Ruby Dixon
Also in this series: Ice Planet Barbarians, Barbarian Alien, Barbarian Lover, Barbarian Mine, Barbarian's Prize, Barbarian's Mate, Barbarian's Touch, Barbarian's Taming
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #11
on December 11, 2016
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Pages: 205
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
AmazonLibrary Thing

I might be the only unmated female in my tribe, but it doesn’t mean I’ve given my heart. I’m waiting. I want resonance, and I won’t settle for anything less.

But when an alien ship lands and a handsome stranger steps out, I know he’s the one. His name’s Mardok and he’s fascinatingly different – and distractingly appealing. But Mardok can’t stay on the ice planet, and he says he can take me with him.

Now, I must make a choice. Do I stay and lose my mate forever? Or do I follow him to the stars and leave behind everything I know?

In Barbarian’s Choice we have a wonderful story that features one of my all time favorite characters of the series and I was so happy that I was able to read her book because it was REALLY good but boy Ruby Dixon really knows how to work my emotions so well because this one was another tear jerker of a read. Seriously…does this author not know that I need a break from TEARS!! hehe But on a serious note, this book was fantastic. This is Farli and Mardok’s story and what a BOOK!!

Perhaps I am a dreamer, but I am waiting for a hunter that looks at me with fire in his belly and stars in his eyes

So the story starts out with Farli taking her pet out hunting and she wants to get away from the young hunters who want her to be their bed mate and it just doesn’t appeal to her. She is waiting for resonance because she believe that her mate is out there, she just has to be patient. But while out hunting she sees a ship landing on the planet and she goes to investigate. Mardok is ex military working on a freighter ship with a small crew and he is the mechanic of the group. When their ship has engine problems he finds himself on the coldest planet he has ever known but while trying to fix their ship, he finds a beautiful woman behind him mostly in the nude except for a loincloth and he has no idea how she isn’t frozen to death. They don’t speak the same language, but there is a connection between them. Mardok is dealing with past trauma of his time in the military and can’t stand the thought of behind left behind. And Farli doesn’t want to leave the only home she has ever known which would also mean losing her pet and her family. So either Farli or Mardok will have to make a difficult choice if they want to stay together.

I have been waiting all this time for my Mardok. I slide my arms around his waist, holding him close and breathing in his scent. It does not matter that he is cooler to the touch or that his people are strange. He is mine.

This was such a heart wrenching romance because we see what a relationship that Mardok and Farli have together. I loved the chemistry, the play between them and the sweet love bond that quickly forms even though Mardok doesn’t have a qui inside him but Farli is resonating to Mardok and she knows that he is her mate and before long she starts to fall in love with him and she knows that she will need to make a difficult choice her home or to be with Mardok. But we see how much Farli is willing to sacrifice so that she can be with Mardok and this book just tore me up inside seeing the difficult choice that these two make for each other. And yep MARDOK is a winner in my eyes. Just loved his character and seeing him face up to his fears and find out what true love is really capable of and his own strengths. A truly remarkable addition to a fabulous series that wins your heart each and every time!! I can’t wait for Bek’s story. 🙂

About Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. As Ruby, she writes sexy barbarian aliens, grumpy shifters, and domineering bikers.

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