Winds of Glory by Susan Wiggs

Title: Winds of Glory by Susan Wiggs

Tags: American-Colonial Era,

Published by: Harper Paperbacks
Release Date: 1995
Pages: 368

Indentured bondsman Ashton Markham thought he knew al the hazards of spying for the Colonial cause - until he was forced to wed wealthy Tory Bethany Winslow to escape the gallows. Yet as he risked his life running British blockades off Rhode Island's besieged coasts, he found that beneath Bethany's fierce loyalty to the crown lay a rebellious, courageous spirit - and a passion beyond his most daring dreams.

Bethany had loved Ashton from childhood, but never imagined that her bold ruse would result in their marriage. Surely such a marriage of convenience was doomed. But against bitter distrust and shattering betrayal, she would match his defiant bravery, challenge his pride - and claim her place in his fiery heart forever. (less)

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