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Title: Wildfire by Norah Hess

Tags: Wagon Train,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: August 28 1999
Genre: ,
Pages: 352

The Yankees had killed her sweetheart, imprisoned her brother and driven her from her home... but beautiful, golden-haired Serena Bain faced the future boldly as the wagon trains rolled out. Ahead lay countless dangers. But all the perils in the world wouldn't change her bitter resentment of the darkly handsome Yankee wagon master, Josh Quade.

Soon, however, her heart betrayed her will. And Serena could not resist her own mounting desire for the rough trapper from Michigan. His strong, rippling buckskin-clad body set her senses on fire. But pride and fate tore them apart as the wagon trains rolled west. Until one night, in the soft, secret darkness of a bordello, Serena and Josh unleashed their wildest passions and opened their souls to the sweetest raptures of love...

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