White Eagle’s Touch by Karen Kay

Title: White Eagle's Touch by Karen Kay
Series: Blackfoot Warriors #2

Tags: American-Native American Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: May 1 1998
Pages: 364


They come from different worlds--she, the wealthy English socialite traveling deep into Indian territory; he the proud and powerful Blackfoot warrior who once saved her life. White Eagle captivated by Katrina Wellingtons shimmering loveliness, but the little girl he once called Shines Like Moonlight is now a grown woman, betrothed to another. And although she moves his soul like no other, he knows he can never have her.


Raised in civilized society, Katrina never wanted to return to the west. The hard, dangerous life had killer her parents and, if it werent for White Eagles bravery, she might have died too. But her learned disdain for White Eagles people soon gives way as they discover that the spark of love from their childhood had blazed into an all-consuming passion. But is it enough to sustain a love that both their worlds call. . .forbidden?

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