When Passion Calls by Cassie Edwards

Title: When Passion Calls by Cassie Edwards

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: September 1 2003
Pages: 448


Heartbreakingly lovely, Melanie Stanton had been promised to Josh Brennan for as long as she could remember. But marriage was the last thing on her mind until Josh's long-lost twin returned to take his rightful place raising Texas longhorns on the family's vast spread.

Shane was as different from his brother as two men could possibly be. Raised by the Chippewa, he was as wild as the untamed frontier, as savagely virile as Josh was spoiled and weak. And Shane's intimate caresses aroused a white-hot desire she had never known in Josh's arms. Their love was forbidden, but Melanie knew that When Passion Calls the heart must obey.

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