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Title: To Burn by Claudia Dain

Tags: Enemies To Lovers, Ancient Civilization-Rome Era,

Published by: Leisure
Release Date: April 28 2002
Pages: 379

Claudia Dain turns up the heat with To Burn.

Hatred is the first thing to flare between Melania, a noble Roman lady, and Wulfred, the Saxon warrior who has captured her father's villa on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.

At first Wulfred thinks of her only as a captive, a slave, for he's never known a woman worthy to be called an enemy. But Melania's spirited defense soon wins his respect, even as her fiery beauty fans the flames of the passion between them into an irresistible inferno.

As the sun sets on the Roman Empire she reveres, Melania's only hope for preserving the remnants of that glorious civilization is to tame the handsome barbarian who has claimed all she possesses. And if scholarly logic alone fails to persuade him—she is prepared to use other means

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