The Tiger and the Tomb by Bonnie Vanak

Title: The Tiger and the Tomb by Bonnie Vanak
Series: Khamsin: Warriors of the Wind #2

Tags: Egypt-Various Time Periods-Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: December 28 2003
Pages: 341

The map to the treasure-filled tomb that would ransom Lady Katherine's father was in the possession of a half-English "Khamsin" - a desert warrior renowned for tiger-like ferocity. Long ago, a tiger had scarred Katherine and taught her a lesson: Protect yourself from such powerful creatures, no matter how beautiful. The veil she wore would not be enough.

Her foe was truly dangerous. His amber eyes were keener than his sword, his kisses too. They stripped away Katherine's defenses and made her forget her duties, her promises - why she'd hidden so much from his view. Then the warrior too Katherine where she wished to go. In depths of his ancestors' tomb he made sweet love to her and proved she was hiss ... and that very soon he would uncover everything she tried to hide.

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