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Title: The Thief's Mistress by Gayle Feyrer

Tags: England-Legend of Robin Hood Era,

Published by: Random House
Release Date: August 2 1996
Pages: 400

A prince of thieves. A passionate maiden. A love so powerful it became alegend.

It was a time of magic and miracles, when warriors battled for a lady's handand troubadours sang songs of love...

She was passing through Sherwood Forest when the bandits struck, robbing herparty of all they possessed. But from Marian, the rogue Robin stole only akiss. Burning with rage—and desire—she hastened to Nottingham, whereanother man waited: Sir Guy of Guisbourne, a nobleman who suited herpassions—and her purpose. But she couldn't forget Robin Hood. With eyesthat brazenly claimed her and searing kisses that branded her his own, he wasthe man she was born to love...

Her seething contempt kindled him almost as much as the sheer power of herbeauty—hair pale as winter sunlight, eyes cold as winter frost. Robin, Kingof Sherwood Forest, master of all he desired, wanted Marian with a sudden andunassuageable hunger. In Guisbourne he recognized a cunning and deadly enemy,a man willing to kill to claim Marian's love. But when Marian came seekingRobin's help, nothing could alter the destiny—and the danger—that drove theminto each other's arms.

Surrounded by deadly enemies in a court simmering with intrigue, two legendarylovers play out their passionate destiny against the vivid tapestry of myth andmystery, fate and desire.

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