The Sorcerer’s Lady by Debra Dier

Title: The Sorcerer's Lady by Debra Dier

Tags: Vikings,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: April 1 1999
Genre: ,
Pages: 448

Victorian debutante Laura Sullivan couldn't believe her eyes. Aunt Sophie's ancient spell had conjured up the man of Laura's dreams -- and deposited a half-naked barbarian in the library of her Boston home. With his bare chest and sheathed broadsword, the dark haired giant was a tempting study in Viking maleness, but hardly the proper blue blood Laura was supposed to marry.

An accomplished sorcerer, Connor had traveled through the ages to reach his soul mate, the bewitching woman who had captured his heart. But Beacon Hill wasn't ninth-century Ireland, and Connor's powers were useless if he couldn't convince Laura that love was stronger than magic and she was destined to become... THE SORCERER's LADY.

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